Swing Paradise community

Swing Paradise community

November 15th 8pm EET we open the registration to Swing Paradise 2018!

In the beginning we’ll have ONLY 10 spots for single leaders and 10 spots for single followers available in Balboa or Collegiate Shag tracks and 5 & 5 in St. Louis Shag track. The number of available spots might and will change according to updated ratio of registered leaders and followers.

The registration for couples and groups of couples has no limits (unless we reach maximum number of participants haha). Couple needs to apply for the same track and the same level.

Group discount is available for 4+ couples, no matter what countries they are in.

We’ve created a community group page for all of those looking for a partner or having any kind of question regarding the registration or having specific questions about the event, please feel free to join and participate.

NB!: You will need to make a payment right after you finish your registration! You will find more information as prices, level description, waiting list link et cetera in the registration form.

Swing Paradise Team